About us

Oreco company is based in Athens, Greece. We represent foreign suppliers of raw food commodities in Greece and Cyprus. We mainly deal with all grades and types of cashews, almonds, peanuts, pecans, macadamias, brazil nuts, hibiscus and sesame seeds (hulled and natural). 


Our long term relationship with suppliers and customers gives us a dominant position in the Greek and Cypriot food market. We aim to deliver the best available products to our clients. Our expertise in the field of dry food ingredients gives our suppliers the confidence to sell their goods through Oreco as we provide them with the relevant information. Our clients prefer to work with our company as we collaborate with the most reliable suppliers. Our experience and knowledge of the market can direct sellers to the correct buying points.


We handle sales on FOB, CFR and CIF basis but we can also provide our suppliers with logistical services. We collaborate with customs agencies, laboratories, transport companies and two warehouses in Greece, one in Athens and another one in Thessaloniki. Thus, suppliers can store their goods under their name (in transit and EU cleared) and sell them through Oreco on the spot market of the EU area.